The Biggest Trends In Kitchen Taps In 2013

When it comes down to choosing a kitchen tap, it seems like you have all the choice in the world, there are that many different styles it makes it almost impossible to choose a design you prefer. Over the past decade, the kitchen tap has evolved from a common necessity into a highly artistic feature of your kitchen and some with state of the art engineering.

The kitchen is the heart and soul of the everday home, and the kitchen sink area is the epicentre of the kitchen. More and more people are redesigning their homes so that it centres around the kitchen, some are even going to the extreme lengths of knocking down walls to create a more free open space, merging the kitchen, the dining room and living room into one open plan, and at this social hub of the home it would be ridiculous to say that you wouldn’t want the nicest features in a room where you spend most of your time.

At a quick glance, the hottest trends in recent months include the rise of modern and minimalistic designs and taps that wouldn’t look out of place in the kitchens of the most professional of restaurants. Furthermore, as with nearly everything at the minute, there is a renewed interest in classic and retro designs making the array of choices even more baffling. Kitchen taps that are available today have a higher functionality, better originality in terms of shape and a greater assortment of finishes that were never available before.

Struggling to decide on which of the latest kitchen tap trends to follow? Flow are going to outline in greater detail why each of these designs are currently at the forefront of kitchen aesthetics.


At current, minimalism is the latest design characteristic to steal the limelight with so many people. Minimalism is another term meaning simple. Minimalistic and contemporary kitchen tap designs are all about simple lines, a polished look and an assortment of chrome and steel finishes. Contemporary Kitchen taps accentuate functional design and commodious placement of controls, not forgetting that the smooth and sleek finishes of these designs make them easier to clean and keep hygienic. This Franke Davos Silksteel J Tap is a perfect example of this fashionable trend.

Industrial Designs

That’s correct, these designs are more commonly found in the kitchens of some of your favourite restaurants, however, some keen home chefs decided to implement this kitchen tap design into their home, and the proverbial snowball has never stopped rolling. Many have accustomed themselves to this professional kitchen tap design because not only does it scream functionality, it can also fit in well with other kitchen features, for example, because these tap designs are quite tall, they help to balance the aesthetics of some of the more expansive kitchens. The versatility of this particular tap design is beyond comparison, it aids cleaning and essentially helps you reach places that you were previously unable to, for example allowing you to reach more than one basin if you have a multi-basined kitchen sink. Flow feature the Rangemaster Pro Spray Chrome Tap (seen above) which is right up your street if you like these tap designs.

Nothing Beats The Classics

From clothing to kitchen sinks, over recent years, retro and classic designs have become some of the most sought after trends going and for good reason too, because it’s true what they say ‘Nothing beats the classics!’ Vintage style wall mounts have become one of the most stylish designs over recent years, some say it is because they harken back to a time when life was simpler. Although the designs are old-fashioned, there is nothing archaic about the functionality of these beauties, these latest classic designs are traditional yet with contemporary convenience. Best of both worlds! The Rangemaster Swan Neck Bridge Mixer Tap available at Flow is a great example of how elegant these designs can look.

It’s Cool To Be Square

The kitchen taps that are seen to be the most cutting edge of late are those of a geometrical design. (In normal English that means squares and right angles.) Yes that’s correct, right-angled taps are the latest infatuation to hit the kitchen sink and tap design world. These unique tap designs personify individuality and will only add more to the your already modern kitchen aesthetics. This Franke Ticino Chrome Tap is very popular at Flow Kitchen Sinks and Taps.


3 Ways To Unblock Your Kitchen Sink

Everybody has had a blocked kitchen sink in their lifetime, and a blocked sink seems to be one of the hardest problems within a household to resolve. Below a kitchen sink is a complicated network of bendy pipes, which makes it very easy to block, especially when little morsels of food fall down the drain and can gather up to form a blockage. And obviously you can’t simply stick your hands down the drain as the pipes are too thin, so therefore Flow Kitchen Sinks and Taps are going to highlight the three effective ways to effortlessly unblock a kitchen sink.

Method 1: Plunger

Invented in 1777, the plunger was invented as a flushing device for using the toilet, and this was done by the mechanics of the plunger creating a small vacuum which blasts pressure in the direction that you plunge. Nowadays it is used as a device to unblock things and this is no different for kitchen sinks.

Firstly, you must fill you sink halfway with hot water, and then place the plunger over the sink hole. if you have a double sink, then stuff a washcloth into the unclogged drain to ensure that the plunger’s pressure is focused on the clog. Start working the plunger up and down quickly creating airtight suction down the drain, after 60 seconds of plunging lift the plunger to see if the hot water starts to drain, if not… repeat the process.

Method 2: Vinegar and Baking Soda Mixture

Saftey is key with this method so make sure you wear a pair of rubber gloves before starting. Make sure the kitchen sink is free from any standing water, and then force one cup of baking soda down the drain holes, it probably want all go down by itself so use a spatula or a spoon to push it over the sink hole. Once all the baking soda has gone into the sink hole, pour a cup of vinegar down the drain and place the plug over the sink hole so that the vinegar is forced towards the blockage. Leave the mixture to do its work for around 5 minutes then remove the plug and flush down with boiling water, this method will normally remove most blockages but if it doesn’t work first time, it may need a second cycle so try this process again.

Method 3: Repurpose a Metal Wire Hanger

If you think about it, there aren’t many object lying around your home that can fit down the drain of your kitchen sink and unblock it, but if you have some metal wire clothes hangers lying around then you are in luck. A metal wire coat hanger is very easy to bend, so bend the hanger into a straight line with a slightly hooked end so that you can pull as well as push with the hangover. The wire can be used to snake down the drain to pull any objects up out of the train or push them through. (A very common technique used in many homes.)

So if you happen to have a blocked kitchen sink in the near future, don’t panic, stop and think of what you have read today and your problem will be rectified in no time at all.